About us

The last three decades in Armenia’s capital city, Yerevan, were marked by structural, social and cultural changes, which led to the weakening of social ties between its inhabitants and, consequently, the need for effective management and local development of the community. Our conceptual approach to this agenda streams from the idea of a “smart society,” which has recently become widely popular in the West. An environment like the one we strive to create must have an innovative infrastructure and services and, most importantly, a platform for social interaction.

These ideas formed the basis of the “Community Development Innovation Center” NGO, which aims to create opportunities with technology, a mobile communication system, and a secure, comfortable and clean neighborhood. There will be continuing education, a new level of technology, environmental protection, new tools for utility services, and public participation in district management.

The first step will be the introduction of an innovative community development model in the area adjacent to the Botanical garden which, by 2015, will be populated by 1,250 families of young scientists, lecturers, members of creative unions, and other young specialists.